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    Switch : Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Starts Now!

    The wait is over! Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta for Nintendo Switch starts now, from 10 August 12 PM till 12 August 3 AM (Malaysian Time). The beta will have Practise Battle Tutorial, Arena Match, Ring Match and Ring Party Match. Players are able to try up to 23 different characters which will be made available for the beta. Here is the character roster:

    • Goku (SS)
    • Goku (SSGSS)
    • Goku Black
    • Vegeta (SS)
    • Vegeta (SSGSS)
    • Piccolo
    • Gohan (Adult)
    • Gohan (Teenager)
    • Frieza
    • Captain Ginyu
    • Trunks
    • Cell
    • Android 18
    • Gotenks
    • Krillin
    • Kid Buu
    • Majin Buu
    • Nappa
    • Android 16
    • Yamcha
    • Hit
    • Tien
    • Beerus

    Dragon Ball FighterZ has a planned launch on 28 September 2018. The Switch version of the game will include new modes like local multiplayer matches.

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