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    Switch: Debut Trailer for Raiden V: Director’s Cut

    A beat of classic goodness, Moss and publisher UFO Interactive Games has released a new trailer for the Switch version of Raiden V: Director’s Cut.

    This upcoming arcade hit will be coming in the most advanced state with a few key shooting features:

    • Bring the damage with Full 1080p for every explosion
    • Co-op play or solo
    • It has Tri-View HUD for more gameplay updates on your performance and actions
    • Fully narrated storyline in the series
    • Branching Storyline, dynamic stages
    • Control as 3 different ships with their own perks, strengths and weakness. With 9 different weapons to choose from

    Originally released in Xbox One back in 2016, followed up by PlayStation 4 and PC in September 2017. This game will be blasting from the past this coming July 25, 2019 for Switch.

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