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    Sunsoft’s Ark of Charon Blossoms Into Early Access

    Sharpen your trowel and prepare for adventure as Sunsoft’s Ark of Charon, branches onto Steam Early Access now.

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    About the game

    This captivating blend of colony simulation and tower defense took root at the June Steam Next Fest and is now available to play for caretakers ready to take on the challenge of constructing a mobile city on the World Tree’s sapling.

    In a world yearning for life’s renewal, you become the caretaker of a colossal sapling – the last vestige of the once-majestic World Tree.

    Your mission: nurture this fragile sprout as you guide it to its permanent home. But this journey won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll construct a sprawling mobile city on the sapling’s back, defying gravity and managing limited space as you build a thriving community.

    Loyal familiars will be your companions, aiding in everything from harvesting crops to unearthing resources.

    These precious materials fuel the expansion of your settlement, transforming it from a humble outpost into a fortified metropolis on the move. Ancient relics, remnants of a bygone era, can also be unearthed, offering forgotten knowledge and bolstering your colony’s defenses.

    This verdant odyssey is fraught with peril. Monstrous creatures, drawn to the sapling’s life force, will attempt to thwart your progress.

    Here’s where your tower defense skills come into play. Construct an array of strategic defenses, from imposing towers to cunning traps, and safeguard your precious sapling from harm.

    The Tree-ture List:

    ● Become the World Tree’s caretaker and restore balance to the world.

    ● Build a thriving city on the sapling’s back, defying gravity and maximizing limited space.

    ● Utilise helpful familiars and rediscover lost human technologies.

    ● Fortify your settlement with defenses to fend off relentless foes.

    Ark of Charon is now available on Steam Early Access, offering a bespoke blend of colony sim and tower defense. Stay tuned to SUNSOFT’s official X (formerly Twitter) for updates as the game evolves through Early Access.


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