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    Succession for Warriors and Rangers Now Available in Black Desert SEA

    The Succession update by Pearl Abyss for Warriors and Rangers has finally been revealed in Black Desert SEA. Starting today, Succession will add a new dimension to the gameplay, allowing Adventurers to enhance their skills by choosing between Succession or Awakening.

    With the new update for Warriors and Rangers, Adventurers can now experience a new way to develop these classes by acquiring Warrior’s Spirits and Feathers of Lemoria, which will allow them to learn Succession skills for their respective classes. Classes that have chosen Succession can enhance their main weapons, giving Adventurers powerful new skills using the Longsword and Shield for Warriors and the Longbow for Rangers. These skills can be unlocked at level 56 by completing a series of Black Spirit quests.

    To celebrate the Succession update, special in-game events will run until December 17. Adventurers can transfer 50% of the EXP they earn during this time to another class through Character Transport System. During the same period, those who reach levels between 50 and 60 can receive various exclusive rewards such as Extra Combat EXP Scrolls, Blessed Message Scrolls (100 min), Gold Bars 100G, and Advice of Valks (+35-45), depending on the level they reach.

    Meanwhile, winter has arrived in the lands of Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now enjoy the new in-game scenery covered in white snow while listening to Christmas music on their journeys. The regular log-in rewards have also been renewed, providing Adventurers with various new in-game items starting today. Moreover, the donation event will continue to run this week where Adventurers can make a donation of one million silver to purchase Charity Tokens, which then can be used to get various items.

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