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    Street Fighter V: CE final Summer Update is on its way and gives a glimpse of SF6

    It has been almost more than a year since the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition update was released back in 2020. In between, there have been numerous events and updates that have been kicking this fifth installment kicking and alive.

    This time SFV is back with its latest Summer Update 2021 and this time it will be at its final leg.

    As the video above has covered, there will be 3 new additional characters that will be included in Season 5. The returning wandering hermit Oro, Akira Kazama hails from the Rival Schools series, and finally Luke, a brand new character that is apparently a core character in the next Street Fighter game.


    Oro’s playstyle has always been dubbed weird but offers many options much like in SFIII. Here is an in-depth look at how Oro fights as well as a look at his V-Systems, “Onibi” and “Minomushi”

    Akira Kazama

    Coming from the Rival Schools series, she is all about getting it up close and personal with her fist and aggressive play.


    The 45th fighter of the entire roster is a mystery. The director of SFV, Takayuki Nakayama even mentions Luke is a “glimpse into the future”. There is a high possibility that Luke will play an integral role in Street Fighter 6.

    Season Pass details and more

    Here are further details of the upcoming Season 5 Passes.

    Details on costumes for both Oro and Akira.
    The entire breakdown of the Season 5 Passess

    In addition, in conjunction with the reveal of the Oro, Akira, and the Online Tournament Mode, there will be a Free Trial period that has already started last August 4th and it will run till August 18th. This Free Trial period will give access to all characters from Seasons 1 to 4.

    There will also be sales going on for the base game as well as the Upgrade Kit. For the first time as well, the Season 5 Premium and Character passes as well as the SFV: CE + Season 5 pass and Upgrade Kit + Season 5 pass bundles will be discounted.

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition + Season 5 Premium Pass Bundle – RM 172.20 (30%)/RM 147.60 (30%+10% PS Plus user)

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Upgrade Kit + Season 5 Premium Pass Bundle – RM 142.80 (30%)

    Street Fighter V – Season 5 Premium Pass – RM 123.00 (25%)

    Street Fighter V – Champion Edition Upgrade Kit – RM 66.60 (40%)

    Street Fighter V – Season 5 Character Pass – RM 69.75 (25%)

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – RM 83.20 (35%)

    STREET FIGHTER V + Shinkiro Theme – RM 33.60 (60%)

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, as well as the Season 5 Passes, is now available for purchase.

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