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    Stay hidden and slice your friends in a party game, Ambush

    Developer Thierry Ferreira reveals a deadly party titled Ambush where players from up to 2-8 players in local multiplayer. Among the AIs, spot players among the crowd and use your freshly sharpened katana to slice them up. The game will involve strategy and violence and is set to be released on August 27th, 2021.

    Source: VGShowcase

    Game modes and features as shared on Steam:

    Disclaimer: Ambush is not a single-player game, 2 players minimum required, up to 8 players. This game can be played remotely using Steam Remote Play.

    Ambush is a party game for up to 2-8 players in local multiplayer. Stay hidden in a crowd, spot players among the AIs, and slice them up with your freshly sharpened katana.
    Strategy and violence will be part of the game.

    Up to 8 local players

    Do you dream of cutting up your friends? Invite them for a game up to 8 local players and learn them how to use a katana.

    Remote Play

    Thanks to the Steam Remote Play Together feature, play with your friends by sharing your screen, only one version of the game is required among the 8 players!
    There is also Parsec software, an alternative to Steam Remote Play Together.

    Steam Remote Play Together:

    Game modes

    Each game mode is based on the concept of being concealed among a crowd of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

    • Ninja mode
      Players are partially revealed every 10 seconds. You will need to be mobile, discreet and opportunistic!
    • Lasers mode
      Lasers pass through the area, forcing you to make a choice: Stay hidden or run to avoid laser amputation.
    • Items mode
      Items appear in the arena, get them and overtake your opponents. Detect them, cut them out, electrocute them, anything goes!
    • Digital zone mode
      A deadly area is closing, the tension will increase crescendo!
    • Stars mode
      Stars are dropped in the arena, collect them all, or kill your opponents for victory!
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