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    Awaken your foxy sense of adventure in Spirit of the North coming in November!

    Cultivate your sense for adventure with Spirit of the North, a single 3rd person adventure game taking roots from pieces of Nordic folklore announced by indie developer Infuse Studio. Focusing more on atmosphere, mountains and landscapes of Iceland, play as a fox that will encounter a companion female spirit fox, which happens to be a guardian of the Northern Lights.


    Journey into a land left in ruins

    Based on the trailer alone, enter an open-ended journey with lack of or no dialogue at all. Leaving its story interpretation to the player’s hand and added puzzle elements for players to solve.

    Key spiritual features

    • Join this quiet journey filled with atmosphere awakening even the slumber of the Spirit of the North.
    • Take on the puzzles and shed light into the truth of the ruins of the past.
    • Discover the atmosphere with glaciers, ice-cold mountains, fields and tundra as you follow a trail left that paints the sky.

    The fox will unravel this mystery for PlayStation 4, launching on November 1st, 2019.

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