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    SoulCalibur VI – Inferno & Wizard Lizard!

    We recently revealed Raphael as one of the playable characters in Soul Calibur VI as well as covered the game play modes players will get to be playing here but today we are excited to reveal a brand new warrior, Inferno

    Inferno has always been one of the classic boss characters in the Soul Calibur series but this time players get to unleash hell with Inferno as a playable character. Inferno seems to have a huge hard-hitting arsenal up his sleeve and would cause any player going against him a hard time. Do note that he is not available for online competition as he might be seen as an unfair advantage. But he will be available for local multiplayer instead to show your brother and sister what is the meaning of salty. Check out the reveal below:


    Another potential challenger was revealed by Bandai Namco via community voting on several character creation designs via social media. And thus, the community has chosen the new character “Wizard Lizard”. Check out the video below for his reveal:


    It has been confirmed that at launch so far 22 fighters will be playable including Geralt from The Witcher series. Soul Calibur VI will be slashing and piercing your way soon on October 19th for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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