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    Cute Rhythm Platformer Songbird Symphony’s Physical Release is Coming!

    Previously announced back in May 2019 and released digitally for Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam back in July 2019, this cute rhythm platforming game Songbird Symphonywill be releasing physical copies in Europe and North America by publisher PQube.

    Finding where he belongs in this tuned heartwarming journey

    Join an orphan chick ‘Birb’ as he finds his true origins in a pixelated captivating journey and gorgeous animation. Control ‘Birb’ as he chirps his way to activate platforms, engaging residents of the forest, gain new musical notes, battle it out against creatures with rhythm-based battles and enchanting world.

    Key Musical Features:

    • Singing and bouncing in a world brimming life with 12 interconnected levels.
    • Come across many joyful forest denizens while on the way to self-discovery
    • Battle it out with button prompts pressed at the right time
    • Find hidden musical notes scattered across levels
    • Good deeds will come unnoticed as it adds more layer of beats to the background soundtrack and brings more beats to the musical atmosphere

    Songbird Symphony’s physical copies will be released in Europe (September 20, 2019) and North America (November 5, 2019) for PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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