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    Solve Physics Puzzles With Magic In Strawhart

    Developer Cypher Creations will be launching Strawhart, an irresponsible action-puzzler in a beautifully stylized world. You’ll face challenging challenges in each of the diverse settings, meet colourful characters, and uncover a treasure trove of secrets. Strawhart is available now on PC.

    Source: Strawhart

    Features as shared on Steam:
    Defy Physics and Common Sense

    Face off against over 80 mind-bending puzzles using an increasingly powerful array of magic. You’ll leave physics behind as you learn to phase through walls, shrug off gravity, transmute your surroundings, and weaponize the common pumpkin.
    Just never forget: your powers stem from the whims of an ancient, unhinged evil.

    Build a Cult

    Gather cultists from across Acre to your cause. Lead eldritch rituals and grow your power, all while hiding your followers from your mother. Bargain with an unknowable evil as you try to control the last, best hope of Acre. Watch your homestead evolve as you meet and recruit a gallery of questionable characters.

    Face Unforgiving Finales

    Each land you visit has its own unique final encounter, where your wits and skills will be pushed past their limits.

    Piece Together the Past to Save the Future

    Break free of the beaten path and use your magic to explore Acre. Search out fragments from the past and truths buried by time. Discover ultra-challenging bonus objectives tucked in the forgotten corners of the realm.

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