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    Sentient Office Building Resembling A Mimic Bites Back At Kaijus For Revenge In GigaBash

    For years, buildings stood at the mercy of the Titan’s wrath. Kongkrete (literally, a Building Monster) awakens to avenge its fallen brethren this Christmas season as unleashed by developers Passion Republic Games.

    Built not just with bricks, but also with the element of surprise, biting any Kaiju that comes too close, it can also fire a blinding burst of Giga Energy to reverse their movements. Its Ultimate even allows it to transform into an intimidating rocket-powered skyscraper to squash its foes into flat pancakes.

    These abilities truly make it a formidable foe like no other. Its existence alone spreads paranoia like wildfire… All of a sudden, any of these mundane-looking office blocks could be the embodiment of an unsightly monster!

    GigaBash will be coming to both PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and is now available to Wishlist on PlayStation. The game will also come to PC on Steam and Epic Games Store. All platforms are set to release in Early 2022.

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