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    Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile arriving soon, titled “Conquest”

    Garena’s latest season update for Call of Duty Mobile is set to be released on August 16th. Season 9:Conquest see’s a plethora of updates and revamps made to them game for players to enjoy. The update also introduces the Gunsmith, one of the most popular features from the Call of Duty® series which allows players to fully customize their weapon loadouts in both multiplayer and battle royale game modes.

    In Season 9, the Conquest Battle Pass offers four new epic characters Nikto – Stronghold, Victor Reznov, Richtofen, and Lev Kravchenko – Soviet Dragon. Additionally, a new weapon, the Kilo Bolt Action enters the fray and is available for both free and premium battle passes.

    Gunsmith available on the battlefield!

    With more than 50 attachments ready to be equipped for different components of your weapon, the combinations are limitless in Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena’s newest weapon customization feature, Gunsmith.

    Shipment 1944 also makes its debut as a new map in the game. players can expect a blistering brawl within the tight corners and sneaky containers, available for all Multiplayer game modes excluding Ranked Mode.

    Ranked Series 6 will also begin on 16th August along with the new Battle Pass season. This major update introduces many new additions such as new perks, new scorestreak, and new lethal weapon to dominate the battlefield. Scorestreak – Shield Turret is a manual turret that can be deployed during battle and commanded by any player. Additionally, when thrown, Lethal – Thermite will burn violently for a period of time upon impact and can stick to any surface either on the wall or ground.

    Be sure to check out the latest news on the upcoming update by staying tuned to their official Facebook page.

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