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    Sci Fi RPG Space Adventure- The Outer Worlds DLC ‘Peril on Gorgon’ set for September 9th launch

    Publisher Private Division and developer Obsidian Entertainmentrevealed a new expansion on The Outer Worlds titled as “Peril on Gorgon,” setting for space launch this September 9th on current consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, priced at $14.99/ 63.83MYR. This news was revealed on the Xbox Games Showcase. it comes with 10 percent for Xbox Game Pass users and included as a part of an expansion pass that includes another unannounced second expansion title.

    Below is a features overview of the downloadable content, found in the official website:
    • Intrigue and danger: Search an abandoned Spacer’s Choice facility and encounter a cast of new characters as you uncover the mystery behind the sudden cancellation of the Gorgon Project.
    • New locations: Explore the Gorgon Asteroid and encounter creatures and enemies alike who have been warped by science and possess new abilities and appearances.
    • More science weapons: Discover three zany new science weapons, including the P.E.T. (Pest Extermination Tool), an exciting new melee weapon that draws in enemies for close-range attacks.
    • Expanded character customization and lore: An increased level cap, additional perks and flaws, wholly new armor sets, and several variants for existing gear. Plus dig into the story of the Gorgon Asteroid with new Portable Phonograph audio logs that reveal salacious secrets of a scientific experiment gone wrong.

    A copy of The Outer Worlds on the same platform is required to play the expansion.

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