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    Run In An Euphoric High-Speed Dreamy State With Infinity Girl

    Chroma Games shares a runner mix with high-speed rhythm/racer/rogue-lite titled Infinity Girl. Where each action every enemy and every spectacular world you encounter — is driven by the beat of the music. Added on with procedural levels that make each run unique as you grind, drift, boost and leap to the rhythm. Infinity Girl is slated for December 16, 2022 release on PC.

    Features as shared on Steam:

    Get into a flow and blast through levels at incredible speeds, gaining game-changing abilities along the way.

    • Tight, expressive controls tied to every beat
    • A hypnotic and procedurally generated electronic soundtrack
    • Vibrant cel-shaded art and surreal, musically-driven visuals
    • Dodge obstacles and take down enemies that move to the rhythm
    • Powerful abilities and upgrades that transform every run
    • Pick up items that slow time, turn you into a wrecking ball or give you the power of flight
    • Challenge modes and achievements that reward mastery and make the game highly replayable
    • Race to The Orb before time runs out (and this world is destroyed).
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