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    Robotic fighting game, Metal Revolution set for 2020 release on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

    PM Studios in collaboration with developer NExT Studios will be releasing fighting game Metal Revolution for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch in Q4 2020, this was announced on New Game+ Expo live stream. The game features minimalistic controls combat and cyberpunk robot theme in character design.

    Credit: Nintendopolis

    List of Gamemodes as shared on Steam:

    • Arena(Ranked): A competitive one-on-one online match against other players in the arena. Win the match, rank up and unlock unique rewards.
    • Quick Match: “Jump right in” fighting experience against players from all over the world. Test out new strategies, fighting styles, or combos in a challenging setting.
    • Friend mode: Invite your friends to a match to see who is really the strongest fighter.
    • Local mode: A face-to-face contest with friends in the local offline state.
    • Arcade mode: Fight against all kinds of AI and challenge your limits.
    • Training mode: Learn about the Metal Revolution systems from the ground up, as well as the unique play style of each character, and hone your skills as you complete several training tasks.
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