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    PES Joins Franck Ribery to Slam EA Over Poor 3D Model of the Former Bayern Munich Star in FIFA 20.

    Let’s just assume you are a professional footballer playing in one of the most competitive leagues in the world and there’s a video game about Football that comes out every year with you in it. You would probably feel excited to check yourself out – stats, looks, and whatnot, it’s only normal.

    But imagine, if you are Franck Ribery, and you see yourself looking like this while playing EA’s latest FIFA 20 with your kids…

    Kids: Who is that, daddy? – Pic: @FranckRibery (Twitter)

    Amused after seeing his own character in FIFA 20, the former Bayern Munich star quickly took it to his twitter account to take a jab at EA for their poorly done character modeling that didn’t resemble anything like him at all.

    To make things more embarrassing for EA, its nemesis – Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer official twitter account jumped on the opportunity to rub salt into EA’s wounded ego with a clever tweet adding to Franck’s earlier jab.

    PES taking a jab at EA by showing off its clearly superior character model.

    While it can be easily remedied by EA if they want to, there’s no confirmation yet at this point if they would. They really should though.

    Well, Franck, at least yours is a video game character model problem. It’s easy to fix. Christiano had it worse…

    Pic – @TIME.COM

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