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    Retro sci-fi thriller Commander ’85 hacking its way to PC and consoles!

    Indie developers over at The Moonwalls studio have worked together with publishers from Ultimate Games S.A to bring us Commander ’85, an adventure game cum science fiction thriller based in the ’80s featuring survival elements and acts as a hacker simulator. Check out the trailer below :



    Hack em’ up 80’s style!

    Players control the life of a teenager’s life during the ’80s where technology is pretty much on the rise and still largely analogue at the time. As his birthday approaches, the boy is gifted a Commander computer, regarded as one of the highest technological achievement, a state-of-the-art computer equipped with a real artificial intelligence system. Wrong tech on the wrong hands can spell disaster as players progress in the game!

    As most teenagers are fond of getting into gaming at their day and age, this teen is more interested as to what the Commander computer has to offer him in much darker ways. The game will offer refined and highly diverse gameplay. The inclusion of the ability for hacking data networks, playing games, drawing, playing with a dog or watching videotapes. The experience will be further enriched by a soundtrack filled with ‘80s sounds (including synthwave, disco and rock), created by Marcin Maślanka.


    Some key features of the game:

    • a retro sci-fi thriller;
    • adventure, simulation and survival;
    • set in the 1980s;
    • random events and 3 different endings;
    • a ton of pop-culture references;
    • many additional games and programs;
    • atmospheric soundtrack.

    The game is now currently under a campaign on Kickstarter, where players who enjoy the gameplay can pitch in and support the project for future releases and a possible VR release. Commander ’85 is set for release for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Autumn 2020.

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