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    Repel A Bunch Of Dinosaurs With 15 Minute Extended Gameplay Of Exoprimal

    Brand new IP from Capcom showcases extended gameplay for Exoprimal, so suit up in mechanized combat armor and join the fight. In this multiplayer experience, two squads of five Exofighters race to complete orders assigned by Leviathan, the sinister artificial intelligence behind the dinosaur outbreaks. Teams must complete missions before their rivals to win, stay alive, and continue searching for a way to escape Leviathan’s deadly games.

    Source: GameSpot Trailers

    Gameplay modes include VTOL Defense, where squads defend downed aircraft from dinosaur onslaughts, and Omega Charge, which introduces a massive hammer that Exofighters will wield to obliterate targets. The video also unveiled two new Assault class Exosuits that are absolutely armed to the teeth. Barrage, a burning bombardier, and the rail gun-wielding sniper Vigilant join a growing armory of futuristic suits that teams can swap between on-the-fly to coordinate and overcome any challenge. While many situations pit players against hordes of dinosaurs, there are others where they clash directly with opposing squads, and even somewhere rival teams must band together to take-down common foes, like the twisted Neo Tyrannosaurus.

    Register today for a chance to participate in the closed network test on Steam for PC this July and be among the first Exofighters to try this team-based action game before it deploys in 2023. Exoprimal is set to release in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam.
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