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    Relive your Mario days with Bloo Kid 2, coming for the Switch!

    From the collaboration of Headup and winterworks comes this highly addictive 2D-side scrolling game called Bloo Kid 2, which is set to debut for the Nintendo Switch.


    Serious Mario vibes here!

    Nostalgic feelings are sure to buzz around when playing Bloo Kid 2, as it takes you through a similar journey that was once embarked by an Italian plumber! Accompanied by a classic 8bit-tune soundtrack, you will survive some epic boss fights or completely delve into the game by searching all its secrets hidden all over the vast world.

    Some features of the game include:

    • Five worlds with twelve levels each
    • Handcrafted, colourful pixel-graphics
    • A full chiptune soundtrack
    • Epic boss battles
    • Tons of secrets

    The version for Nintendo Switch includes 15 challenging bonus levels that can be unlocked in-game when you have collected enough stars.

    Bloo Kid 2 is set to arrive for the Nintendo Switch on October 2019.

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