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    Reinforcements Has Arrived, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Six!

    Nikolai and Farah were added in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Six as well as open-up Verdansk’s metro system in Warzone, other new Multiplayers Maps, and much more. Click here for Full Information.

    Four Free Multiplayer Maps
    Station – Gunfight
    Broadcast – Core Modes (6v6)
    Mialstor Tank Factory – Core Modes (6v6 and 10v10)
    Verdansk Riverside – Ground War

    New Modes, Trials, and Challenges

    Killstreak Confirmed;
    This Kill Confirmed variant comes charging in with multiple changes concerning Killstreaks: These can only be earned by collecting enemy dog tags. However, your streak won’t reset on death, so you’ll want to rush for tags as fast as possible to earn your Killstreaks. Trying to stay alive? Unlike traditional game modes, Killstreak Confirmed also allows players to “wrap” Killstreaks, making it possible to earn the same Killstreak (like the UAV or Cluster Strike) multiple times in one life. The team that collects the target number of dog tags – in spite of the inevitable barrage of Killstreaks – wins the match.

    Gun Game TDM;
    As the name states, this mode combines the random weapon assortment of Gun Game with Team Deathmatch. Pick your loadouts for perks and equipment, then get ready to use whatever is handed out to take down the opposition. Each kill with a given weapon cycle you through a predetermined list of weaponry all the way to a Combat Knife, where one melee takedown with it resets the cycle back to the starting weapon. The first team to the target kill count wins the match.

    HQ: Firefight;
    This twist on Headquarters awards team score for both holding the objective and earning kills, almost like a Team Deathmatch. This allows teams to try to catch back up on the score between HQ objectives. After a team captures an HQ, respawns are disabled until the enemy team neutralizes it. Hold down the objective and defend it from enemy players to maximize the score. The first team to the target score wins the match.

    Hardpoint: Hills and Kills;
    Similar to HQ: Firefight, this mode awards team score for playing the objective – holding hills – as well as earning kills. With respawns enabled, this mode could turn into a pure deathmatch, a tactical objective game, or a chaotic mix between the two. The first team to the target score wins the match.

    Nine Trials to Explore;
    Rank up this season to earn Trial Tickets, or use tickets leftover from prior seasons, and turn them into XP completing a fresh set of challenges. Whether it’s tearing up waves of enemies in either new Juggernaut Trial, cutting corners in the Quad or Helicopter Race, or just taking a Free Roam, these unique side missions add even more variety to over two dozen existing experiences.

    Two New Weapons
    SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle (Free Battle Pass System Weapon, Tier 15)

    This bolt-action marksman rifle comes as one of the most accurate weapons in its class and with a breadth of customization options. From alternate ammo choices to bolt assembly changes and more, no matter how this weapon is configured, it’s a powerful yet mobile tool for a marksman on the go.

    AS-VAL Assault Rifle (Free Battle Pass System Weapon, Tier 31)

    This assault rifle, the 13th member of this weapon category, is a rare Soviet powerhouse chambered in subsonic 9x39mm ammunition and is pre-equipped with an integral suppressor. Combined with the weapon’s high rate of fire, the AS-VAL is built for stealth, accuracy, and high penetration, all on a highly configurable platform.

    In conjunction with the Halloween event, a time-limited mode October 20 – November 3 “Haunting of Verdansk” will be held, well… not much info was revealed regarding the modes

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Six available for download now.

    PlayStation 4: 19.3 GB

    Xbox One: 22.66 GB

    PC: 57 GB (Modern Warfare owners) and 25.5 GB (Warzone only owners)

    Bravo Six going Dark…

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