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    Razer nabs yet another award at CES 2020

    Known for leading the global lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer has been crowned as “Best of CES” for the 8th time this year at Las Vegas, where CES took place this year.

    Razer also recently unveiled some new products during CES 2020. For players who admire the feel of a controller in their hands playing mobile games, the Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller is the dream controller for every mobile gamer. With a full D-pad and near-zero latency between device and controller, players will be at the top of their game with this controller in their hand. Beside the controller, some other tech that was also unveiled :-

    • Razer Eracing Simulator, an immersive eracing experience designed in partnership with Vesaro, Fanatec, and SimPit to provide eracing athletes the most realistic environment when training and competing. More details here.
    • Razer Sila 5G Home Router, a revolutionary concept that allows users to break free from their traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by utilizing 5G wireless technology to provide internet service to devices in their homes and on-the-go. More details here.
    • Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop, an ultra-compact modular desktop with a toolless design for easy upgradability. The compact chassis packs up to an Intel Core™ i9 processor and a desktop grade GPU providing users all of the power without taking all of the space. More details here.

    As of time of writing, Razer has received awards and accolades from the following media:

    Razer Blade Stealth 13, GTX 1650

    • Honoree, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Innovation Awards

    Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller

    Razer Sila 5G Home Router

    Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop

    • Top Pick – Gaming Desktop, Mashable
    • Best of CES, Ubergizmo
    • Best of CES, TheBigTechQuestion
    • Best in Show, M3 by IDG (SE)
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