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    Quirky village building, Arclands – Kickstarter Launch Trailer

    Developed by indie developer Jon Keller, Arclands is a game about creating a buzzing village and becoming a powerful enough wizard to defend it. Build a settlement, keep your citizens happy, and explore the treacherous wilds in this RPG-lite city builder. Kickstarter link provided. The game is currently set on PC and Mac only, other platforms may follow depending on the support the game receives.

    Akin to classic RTS games you can build structures and your citizens will start working on them. Provide your citizens with a comfy place to sleep, build flower beds or taverns to keep them happy and occupied in their free time. Secure your city with walls and a vast selection of traps and towers.


    Key building Features

    • Create your own persistent character, level them up and learn mighty spells
    • Build your city and ensure a thriving economy
    • Attract more and more citizens and grow your village
    • Defend your settlement with your wizard, a diverse set of soldiers, traps, towers and artifacts
    • Explore the Arclands and bring home rare resources and magic artifacts
    • Meet other banished people, do their questline and recruit them
    • Even if your city falls: Rescue some followers and resources, get experience for how well you’ve done and try again
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