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    PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month 4 Now Available

    PUBG Mobile latest 1.6 update brings the Royale Pass (RP) Month 4 named “The Temporal Warrior” and a new gameplay mode “Flower Menace”. Players will now be able to experience new game content with features including Cyber Ring gameplay, exclusive suits, new weapon skins, emotes, ornaments, and more that are different from the previous seasons. The update is live and will be available until 15th November 2021.

    PUBG Mobile will be introducing a new system covering the schedule of themes and seasons the game will go through. In 1.5, the RP would last for 2 months but with the new Royale Pass Month, the season will only last for one month and cost 360 UC (reduced from 600 UC), with the rank reduced from 100 to 50. The number of rewards will also be upgraded.

    A Challenge Point System is also being implemented to evaluate players’ actions, awarding bonuses for positive behaviour such as not quitting, not using friendly fire, or going AFK.

    Content updates in the month of RP 4 give players tiered rewards in each rank. Rankings will be unlocked when players are able to complete various missions and weekly challenges that are given within the 4 weeks or buy ranks to reach the final rank faster.

    As the main reward, players can get the Mecha Bruiser Set when they reach level 50 in RP Month 4, this set will only be available with the Elite Pass and players must first buy the Elite Pass to get other exclusive rewards.

    Meanwhile, players who have purchased the Elite Pass have the opportunity to achieve various rewards including RP1 with Chrono Cyborg Set and Chrono Cyborg – AKM items, up to RP 50 with Mecha Bruiser Set and Mecha Bruiser Cover.

    Royale Pass


    Royale Pass


    RP 1 Chrono Cyborg Set dan Chrono Cyborg – AKM RP 20 Mouse Trap UAZ
    RP 5 Chrono Cyborg Cover RP 30 Ivory Knight Ornament dan Mecha Bruiser
    RP 10 Chrono Cyborg Helmet RP 40 Footlong – Mini14
    RP 15 RP Avatar (M4) RP 50 Mecha Bruiser Set dan Mecha Bruiser Cover

    PUBG Mobile version 1.6 also features a variety of content for players with the return of seven favourite modes in a limited time, including the return of the Vikendi snow map and a new partnership with KartRider Rush+.

    PUBG Mobile is available for mobile on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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