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    PUBG Mobile Annouces An Exclusive Collaboration With BLACKPINK

    Last week, PUBG Mobile official social media accounts erupted with hype, as it teased what looked like a potential collaboration with the world-renowned K-pop female group, BLACKPINK.

    Today, the much-anticipated partnership became reality as PUBG Mobile unveils details to the excitement of fans all over the world.

    In conjunction with the upcoming release of BLACKPINK’s latest record, “The Album”, as well as the exclusive collaboration with the world’s most popular mobile game, PUBG Mobile has also revealed specially themed in-game items, visuals, lobby music, and BLACKPINK events for players to experience.

    Between 24 September to 2 October, PUBG Mobile players will be able to enjoy BLACKPINK’s recently-released popular single, “How You Like That,” in the game lobby. After the release of the group’s new album on 2 October, players will be able to listen to the new song being played in the game lobby.

    Specially themed items and visuals have been implemented in PUBG Mobile to celebrate the collaboration for players to experience the iconic style of BLACKPINK in the game. PUBG Mobile’s airdrop plane is now featured in pink with BLACKPINK’s logo. Airdrops will now sport the themed color as well as “The Album” icon while releasing pink smoke in battlefields. Additional visual effects have also been added to the PUBG Mobile main menu screen.

    BLACKPINK member Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé have set up their own personal game account in PUBG Mobile. By finding their UserIDs on official PUBG Mobile social media, players can send exclusive collaborative gifts and leave messages to their favorite group members.

    Fans who send the most gifts from now until 8 October, will get special rewards from BLACKPINK. There is also an in-game support event happening from 24 September to 9 October.

    PUBG Mobile players and BLACKPINK fans can complete in-game missions to earn support points. By supporting BLACKPINK in-game, players will have the chance to win permanent outfits including the Adorable Panda Suit and Killer Cadet Set, and even an autographed version of BLACKPINK’s new album.

    In addition to the in-game events, community members can upload their PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK screenshots to their social media channels with the hashtag #PUBGMxBLACKPINK for additional chances of winning a signed album.

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