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    Managing the outside while being inside with May’s PS Plus games

    May seems to have arrived faster than expected and what better than having two free games to accompany you. If you can’t go outside, fret not as Playstation will be bringing outside to you.

    First game on the lineup is Farm Simulator 19. As the title suggest, you will be managing a farm from harvesting crops, raising livestocks to riding horses. Furthermore, the game features over 300 authentic farming vehicles which you can drive around. If you have no idea how farm life is, this ultimate farm sim will definitely deliver.

    If the scope of managing a farm is too small for you then the next game will definitely up the scale. Cities: Skylines has been a known title especially among the PC crowd. From building a town to city while managing an ecosystem while keeping your citizen happy, this really puts on your toes from time to time. Whether your city flourishes or fails, it all depends on you.

    Both games will be available for download starting from 6th May until 1st June.

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