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    Promising retro RPG, Sea Of Stars shares more looks at the game

    Sabotage Studio (The Messenger) presents video updates of the upcoming game Sea Of Stars, a classic-inspired turn-based RPG coming in 2022 on PC and Consoles. The video updates vary from interior designs, combat trigger, concept arts and more as shown below:

    Telling the story of two Children of the Solstice who will combine the powers of the sun and moon to perform Eclipse Magic, the only force capable of fending off the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer.


    Continuing on the Sabotage journey of developing games that blend retro aesthetics and modern game design, invigorated and motivated by The Messenger’s overwhelmingly positive response, it was time for the real, big challenge. To make a turn-based RPG that would pay homage to the greats of the ’90s, while bringing enough novelty to be its own thing. All of our games taking place in a shared universe, we cannot wait to show you all the stories we can tell with the richness of the world and the sheer amount of characters that an RPG entails.

    Interior designs


    • Engaging turn-based combat. Setting out to create our own “definitive edition” for the genre, combat gameplay includes active player input during attack animations (timed hits), multi-character combo attacks, boosting, and active defence options to cancel enemies spell-casting. For a more immersive experience, there are no random encounters, no transitions to a separate battlefield, and no grinding. Both navigation and combat happen in the same environment.
    • Unshackled traversal. Swim, climb, vault, jump off or hoist up ledges as you run through the world with a navigation system based on platformer expertise that breaks free from the classic bound-to-the-grid tileset movement.
    • Prequel story set in The Messenger’s universe with dozens of original characters and arcs that will take you on a captivating journey. Sometimes epic, sometimes silly, and other times emotional, Sea of Stars will take you on a memorable journey exploring classic themes of struggle, adventure, and friendship. It might make you cry, and will certainly make you laugh.
    • Full-on dynamic lighting. Our custom-made render pipeline allows the creation of a breathtaking world coming to life by pushing the limits of 2D pixel-art games.

    • Applying the Sabotage treatment to the turn-based RPG genre. Every system has been deeply analyzed to create an experience that pays respect to retro classics while reworking some elements to offer a modernized experience free of irritants and timesinks.

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