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    Prepare to clash between robots with Metal Revolution

    Prepare to hear more clinks and clunks as a robot fighter themed game Metal Revolution is presented by Chinese developer NEXT Studios on ChinaJoy 2019 (currently playable from August 2 to 5).


    Prepare to fight like a robot

    Never flinch in combat with this pummeling features:

      • Starts right off in a conflict between technology and humanity background story
      • Easily master basic moves and accessible combos. Blocks and parries are essential in order to turn the tables
      • Play as wacky characters from a robotic nun to Monkey King inspired based character
      • Each robot has unique ultimate arts as a cinematic finisher
      • Play in multiple modes from Quick Match or Friend Mode to the serious Ranked Arena
      • Training, Story mode and Arcade mode is also accessible for newbies

    Currently in development for PC and PlayStation 4.

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