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    Prepare For High-Stakes Action: Shell Runner Enters Early Access On July 15th

    Small indie development studio Reija and publisher announce the Early Access launch of Shell Runner on Steam, set for July 15th, 2024. Designed for fans of intense, fast-paced PvE extraction shooter games, Shell Runner delivers a gripping blend of tactical combat and high-stakes looting.

    Developed by a passionate team of five members, this game plunges players into a brutal dystopian world where every decision could mean life or death.

    About the game

    Step into the shoes of a mercenary navigating the gritty underworld of 2045’s urban sprawls dominated by megacorporations. As a Shell Runner, players control lifelike Shells to undertake perilous PvE extraction missions.
    Choose from over 20 unique Shells, each offering distinct advantages and risks, and carve your path through the unforgiving sprawl where life is cheap and every mission offers high stakes.
    Whether playing solo or in co-op mode with allies, each mission presents a procedurally generated map, ensuring dynamic gameplay with hand-crafted boss encounters and unpredictable challenges.
    Players must leverage a diverse arsenal of weaponry and strategic modifiers to survive each encounter, adapting tactics to the ever-changing landscape of corporate intrigue and urban warfare.
    Every decision matters, as losing a Shell means forfeiting all acquired gear and loot, emphasizing the high stakes of each mission. Stay on your toes, plan your attack, and hit your targets where they least expect it.
    Shell Runner will be available for Early Access on PC via Steam for $14.99 USD starting July 15, 2024. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam and join the Reija community on Discord to stay updated.
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