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    Postknight 2 To Receive Major ‘Greater Heights’ Update

    Kurechii, the developers of Postknight 2, have been hard at work for the next major update: Greater Heights! Players can begin anticipating the new country of Quivtol, the home of the wise Aegles.

    The game will see two separate patches. The first patch comes with version 1.3: The Treetops of Sagacia, which will be released on August 2nd, 2022 on mobile Google Play and App Store. Followed by version 1.4, The Fortress of Regalle on September 20th, 2022.

    New challenges and adventures to experience in the Greater Heights update.
    • New enemies and status effects.
    • Complete “Greater Heights” to unlock Larielle as the new Bond Character.
    • New pets: the composed Zenkoban, and the cheeky Monyeet.
    • New Customisations: Additional hairstyles, hair colours, and facial features are now available.
    • Heavy Weapons have been upgraded and reworked for a more enjoyable experience.
    • Upgraded Armoury, Enemies, Visual Effects, and more.

    Help Larielle establish a new Postknight Branch by venturing through the lands of Quivtol: the battle-scarred treetops of Sagacia Forest, and the towering crystal walls of Regalle City.

    Endeavour to gain the trust of these wary Aegles, and build the courage to fight the forsaken memories of a hidden past. Experience the grounds of this new country, and gain an experience worthy of becoming a Rank-S Postknight.

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