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    The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match brings in the retro fighting arcade to PlayStation 4

    Publisher SNK and developer Code MysticsA recently released the PlayStation 4 version of The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match on the PlayStation Store for $14.99.

    Source: SNK WORLD

    Game details as shown on the official website:

    KOF 2002 was heralded as one of the best in the KOF series, with its fully tuned up sequel KOF 2002 UM smashing onto the scene in 2009. Now, this massive fighter finally makes its way to PlayStation®4! Online fights have been greatly overhauled thanks to rollback netcode allowing for even smoother gameplay.

    KOF 2002 UM features an updated rollback netcode which greatly reduces online lag during matches. It can also be fine tweaked to allow for an even greater experience online.


    KOF 2002 UM has many online features that radically help you improve your game such as the ability to rewatch the 10 most recent online matches, enabling win/loss counters, and cooldowns to prevent rematching with a player after finishing a quick-match bout!

    ◆ 2 different online modes available

    Choose between “Rank Match”, where your battle results are shared and ranked online, and “Player Match”, where you can set your versus battle settings to your liking. Struggle to be the true King of Players in the limelight of the international stage! The world is yours!


    KOF 2002 is fully tuned up!

    ◆Impressive roster of 66 playable characters!

    In addition to the original cast of KOF 2002, returning characters from previous installments of “THE NESTS CHRONICLES”, hidden characters, and an exclusive character “NAMELESS”, join the tournament for the largest character roster ever in KOF history with 66 fighters in total!

    ◆Rearranged graphics and BGM

    Every demo screen, cutscene, and winning screen has been completely redone and is definitely worth a look. Furthermore, the game’s soundtrack has been renewed completely for even more appealing and intense matches!

    ◆Numerous new and old moves added

    Along with the new moves and special moves specially created for this title, plenty of old moves return in KOF 2002 UM! Moreover, the game mechanics and characters’ abilities have been fully upgraded and redesigned for new game strategies and unlimited matches!

    ◆Large upgrade of MAX Mode and MAX2

    All the Desperation Moves in KOF 2002 UM can now be cancelled any time via the “MAX Mode” system, and the “MAX 2” ultimate moves are even more impressive and easier to use in real battle situations for a show of supreme power!!

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