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    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition gets a reveal date!

    Square Enix is bringing yet another known classic off from their Final Fantasy franchise onto current platforms.

    As the word Remastered implies, this is another Final Fantasy that has given a face-lift treatment. While it may not be as big as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the game still has its strong merits that are worth taking note.

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was released back in the west on 2003 on the GameCube which means this is its first arrival onto a Playstation platform.

    This story focuses on the journey of group known as the Crystal Caravans as they embark on a journey in search of a special liquid substance called Myrrh. This particular substance is needed in order for them to cleanse and maintain a crystal that they are protecting from a poisonous gas.

    As far as the story and lore is touched upon, everything remains the same from its original release. However, having known as a Remastered Edition, they are few new additions on this particular release.


    What’s new in this Edition?

    The most notable are the improved visuals and audio. Everything from texture to special effects have been updated with a HD treatment. The audio have also been improved without compromising its original identity. Furthermore, voiceovers have also been given to all characters to breath in more life in them.

    Much like the original, the game can be played solo or in a group of 4 if you are playing with friends. The Remastered Edition adds online multiplayer as well as crossplay support. What this means you can get to play with anyone who owns the game from other platforms.

    Additional new challenging dungeons will be added in for your party to step in. There will be new mysterious elements waiting to be discovered in these dungeons.

    There is also a new feature added called ‘Mimic’. What this does is the ability to change your characters’s appearance to that of various characters you’ll meet along the way. In order to do this, you will need to collect stamps and pass them up by visiting a Moogle House in order to get Memory Crystals. You can also get these crystals by completing many challenging dungeons as well.

    Final Fantasy Chronicles Remastered Edition will be available to download for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on the 27th August through their respective online stores.

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