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    15 Beginners’ Tips For Rainbow Six Extraction Newbies

    In the world of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (R6E), an alien species named Archaeans have invaded earth. A team of Special Forces operators, Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team (REACT) is formed by NATO to respond to the threat.

    Throughout the course of the game, players will select an operator and indulge in a series of missions, to tackle challenging objectives in it for the best exp haul, and hopefully extract unscathed from the mission ground.

    The escaping uninjured part is especially important because injured Operators can only be healed by completing new missions and the better the performance, the more HP the injured Operator recovers.

    Rainbow Six Extraction. IMG Credit: Ubisoft.

    If an Operator goes MIA (aka dying in the mission unextracted), the player would have to re-play the same mission to recover their missing operator or he/she would be unplayable otherwise.

    If it sounds hard, that’s because R6E is a new breed of tactical PvE shooter that demands the best discipline and teamwork from its players.

    In this guide, we’ll be helping you out with some beginners tips that will hopefully give you an advantage in your early gameplay.

    15 Beginners’ Tips For Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

    1. Take out Nests whenever you can.
    This would have been explained in the early tutorial but in case you missed it – take down nests as soon as you are able. If you don’t, Archaeans will keep spawning.

    2. Keep quiet.
    If you need to shoot at something, make sure at least one of your two (Primary and Secondary) weapons is equipped with a suppressor. Vaulting through a window with glass will also create noise. Keep your activities as quiet as possible so that you don’t attract any unwanted attention.

    3. Stealth is the key.
    The temptation to go in guns blazing may be hard to resist, but Taking Down your enemies stealthily gives you more Exp and lets you keep your HP bar pristine.

    Stealth kills give you more EXP and reduce the chance of a stray bullet alerting nearby enemies. IMG Credit: Ubisoft.

    4. Stay uninjured. If you can.
    Keep your base HP at 100 if you can. Staying unhurt means you can deploy this operator as many times as you like afterward. Pick up Med Kits even if your health is at 100, it will increase your max HP even more. If you have 150 HP and you finished the mission with 110 left, your Operator will still have 100 HP for the next mission.

    5. Body Armour
    Consider investing your tech point on Body Armour early. The Body Armour gives you extra protection as well as a free one-time revival on the field.

    Body Armour is a trusty friend from early on!

    6. Solo Farming
    A quick way to farm Exp and heal your operator Solo is by starting a mission in a map you know best, and just keep farming the first objective. Complete it, extract, repeat. If the first objective is one that’s dangerous i.e – Serial Scanning, Defend Charges, etc. Then immediately extract out and replay the mission until you get one that’s easily doable alone.

    7. Deploy scanners often.
    Depending on which Operators you use, deploy your scanners as many times as you can. This will grant your team valuable insight into what’s ahead.

    Your teammates can see what you scan too.

    8. Communication.
    If you play in a team, don’t be shy to communicate. The game has an in-game VoIP as well as quick chats option. You won’t get very far with a muted team at higher difficulties. When you see an elite enemy or an item box (ammo, ability, tech), tag them for your teammates to see. Keeping the team informed will go a long way.

    9. Melee Blinding Spores off your teammate.
    If you see a teammate covered in Blinding Spores, don’t waste your bullet shooting them off (Although it looks cooler doing that). Their hitboxes are small, making it hard to hit them, it’s just much easier and quicker to melee them off your mate.

    These buggers would jump and stick to your body if you get too close. Have a friend melee them away.

    10. Ability Box for Doc.
    If you play as Doc (the Operator with the ability to heal himself and others), use up all your health boost shots on yourself or teammates before you pick up an ability box. It will keep the team’s HP high while instantly replenishing your shots after you pick it up.

    There’s are benefits in Juicing yourself even if your HP is at 100. It increases your max HP, giving your base HP some safety cushion. Keep at least one shot in the syringe for emergency revival purposes. You never know. IMG Credit: Ubisoft.

    11. Focus on Studies.
    Do them whenever you can and they are often easier to do Solo. Studies give loads of Exp that contribute towards your Progression level, hence more tech points to unlock gears.

    Completing Studies gives you loads of Exp that benefit your Milestone level. They also unlock interesting lore.

    12. Stay close to the team.
    Don’t wander off alone, always move with the team. You never know when you will need to collectively take down something or help each other get off Blinding Spores.

    13. Shoot the Sprawls
    Those black goo on the floor, they’d slow you down. Shooting at them will clear them off, allowing you to move faster.

    14. Study your objectives.
    When a mission starts, 3 objectives will appear, and they are random every time. See what you need to do in each and equip your operator accordingly. I.e if you need to stealthily take down an elite unit, remember to bring smoke or stun grenades. Claymores if you need to defend an area.

    Read the objective description well to understand what you need to do inside. Some objectives look similar to each other but with the difference of ‘Taking Down’ which is melee, and Killing which is however you’d like to kill.

    15. Rescuing your Operator on a lower difficulty.
    If you are doing a mission on a higher difficulty level and lost your Operator, just re-do the mission on the lowest difficulty level to rescue him/her.

    The game is not hard to play but it will be tough to play it well. Teamwork is a must in R6E and with the 15 beginners’ tips above, hopefully, it will help you in starting well.

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is now available on PlayStation (4 & 5), Xbox (One, Series X and S), PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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