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    Pixel-Art Platformer Anyaroth: The Queen’s Tyranny Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

    Following the recent PC announcement, Indie publisher Firenut Games and developer Yggdraseed Studios have confirmed that their pixel-art platform adventure game Anyaroth: The Queen’s Tyranny will also release on Nintendo Switch in Q1 2023 and is now available to preorder on the NA Nintendo Store and via the EU Store directly through the console, with a limited time 10% discount.

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    Anyaroth, a planet entirely under the control of the Queen, is dying. From the once lush forests and historical cities of its surface to deep down to the planet’s core, the Queen has spun a complex web of barracks, factories and mines to exploit all the planet’s resources as well as its population. The Queen’s Regime is spreading, and it must be stopped.

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    As a rebellion fighter, you must take on the challenge of bringing down the Regime and returning the planet to harmony. Utilising and combining an arsenal of weapons, special objects and abilities, you must explore the game’s fighting system to dispatch your enemies in stylish ways. Use your links with the rebels to learn more about the mysterious world of Anyaroth, its history, and the Rebellion’s cause. Between fights, pay attention to your surroundings as you may find artefacts containing key information or materials for crafting a long-lost weapon and unveiling the secrets this strange planet hides.


    • Classic 2D action-platformer mechanics, with a modern twist, is brought to life with beautiful pixel art visuals.
    • A free-aim system makes for intense fights where looking for the perfect shooting angle could be a matter of life and death.
    • Unlock a variety of weapons, objects, and abilities to generate impressive moments during fights.
    • Explore the three layers of planet Anyaroth – Surface, Mantle and Core and battle through ruined cities and explosive spider nests, until you reach the Regime’s capital city.
    • Find the special helmets scattered throughout the levels to unlock the secrets that the planet hides.

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