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    Pitfall Planet – The New Puzzle Adventure is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

    Pitfall Planet, a local co-op puzzle adventure is perfect for friends and family is developed by Abstraction Games. With stunning graphics, tricky gameplay, lots of humour and charm fitting perfectly for the Nintendo Switch.

    Pitfall Planet is full of puzzles to solve, unimaginable levels to explore alongside a cute robot this side of the galaxy. From lava burning volcanic chambers to the freezing ice caves deep below, there are plenty of things to see, explore and collect which are vital for the repair of the damaged spaceships. Players will be using teamwork to solve the puzzles like reaching to unreachable buttons but players also can hinder teammates by throwing them into lava or even using them as a shield against the bosses.

    Other than puzzle solving, players can spend their gems upgrading the characters with fancy headwear, dress shirts to be the best-dressed robot in the entire galaxy. On top of that, Pitfall Planet also has a rich soundtrack which is perfectly constant with the juxtaposition between the relaxation and dangers when exploring and solving the puzzles while battling the bosses.

    Key Features

    ● Play with a friend on one Nintendo Switch using a Joy-Con each…

    ● …or adventure on your own controlling both Astrobots for a real challenge!

    ● Play through a variety of levels with intriguing puzzles and dangerous enemies.

    ● Cute robots in a vibrant and distinctive world.

    ● Explore a mysterious overworld to discover caverns and secrets.

    ● Mesmerizing instrumental ambient music.

    ● Two-player local co-op for hours of couch-based fun!

    ● Throw your friends into pits of lava!



    Pitfall Planet is now available on Nintendo eShop for USD 14.99 (approx MYR 62).


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