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    Physics-Based Dungeon Crawler Knight Crawlers Out Now On Steam!

    Indie developer Good Morning Games and publisher The Iterative Collective has announced that their physics-based dungeon crawler Knight Crawlers is out now on Steam. Knight Crawlers is an ARPG with ragdoll combat that allows for endless runs as well as PvP.

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    Enter the world of Knight Crawlers as you embark on a perilous journey through the Corrupted Realms, overcoming hordes of foes in a zany, ragdoll physics-based combat system. With every crawl, engage in punishing battles all while experiencing an infusion of slapstick humor in this fresh take on the dungeon crawler genre – Players will finally be able to answer the question whether they would rather fight one monster-sized duck or 100 duck-sized monsters! Knight Crawlers also boasts a roguelite progression system that rewards players with permanent bonuses between runs, as well as a wide variety of physical, ranged, and magical weapons to learn and master.

    “Knight Crawlers is the culmination of our passion for classic RPGs and dungeon-crawling games.” “We wanted to create a game that would challenge players while immersing them in a rich and detailed world full of adventure and excitement. We’re thrilled to finally release Knight Crawlers on Steam and share our vision with the community.”

    Ivan Moltini – Good Morning Games Lead Developer


    • Physics-based combat – Fight your way through hordes of enemies with melee weapons ranging from mighty hammers to long-handled flails. If close combat isn’t your style, wands, staves, and bows give you a leg up for ranged battles.
    • Brawl it or crawl it – Crawling through the realms doesn’t have to be a lonely affair. Enter PvP arenas to test your skills against other crawlers or team up to fight the horde together.
    • Crawl it your way – Whether it’s dominion points, skill cards, or weapons, each choice makes every crawl unique.
    • Crafting brings great power – Crafting powerful equipment and deadly weapons will be the difference between making it out alive or being overrun by hordes of enemies.
    • Dominions – Dominions are the talents you learn after every crawl. Choose between several dominion classes to specialize your skills and add to your arsenal of astral defenses.

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