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    Enter a nightmare in Strangeland, a poetic horror point and click adventure coming to PC on May 25th

    Enter this nightmare Strangeland on May 25th, when developer Wormwood Studios (Primordia) and publisher Wadjet Eye Games (Unavowed) release Strangeland for PC on Steam and GOG.

    You wake up on a rickety wooden bridge suspended in the sky. In the distance is Strangeland, a funhouse booby-trapped with riddles of the mind. As you step inside, a woman throws herself down a well before you have a chance to save her. Then a payphone rings, and when you answer it you hear your own voice…
    You’ve been here before. And you will be again. And again. And again, until you solve the puzzles that shackle your soul to this horrific carnival and vanquish the Dark Thing that lies in wait.

    Welcome to Strangeland Nearly ten years in the making, Strangeland is a point-and-click adventure set entirely in a nameless protagonist’s dark dream — but is it a dream? Who is the golden-haired woman who sacrifices herself over and over? What do the ravens know? Why is the blind scribe destined to scribble on pages then toss them aside, and how did he lose his eyes?

    Some of Strangeland’s questions have answers. Others lead only to more questions. Your task is to decipher as much as you can before you lose yourself to the darkness that is gradually consuming this place.

    But is the darkness outside, or is it within? This, you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Look in the mirror to find the truth. Seek out the light to be saved.


    • A bizarre dreamscape brought to life with striking and surreal pixel art graphics
    • Clever puzzles with layered solutions — sometimes more than one
    • A rich allegorical story about identity, loss, and redemption that can only be fully understood if you look beyond what’s in front of you — it’s a puzzle all on its own
    • An integrated hint system, for those who want it
    • Play it again: hours of developer commentary and an “annotation mode” shed light on the game’s numerous metaphors, references, and enigmas
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