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    A new PC ARPG game revealed as Ronin: Samurai Redemption

    Developer and CreativeForge Games recently reveals a samurai action rpg game referred to as Ronin: Samurai Redemption.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    The Shinigami

    Feudal Japan. 1426. A dark spirit has appeared. The apparition has many names – the angel of Death, The Grim Reaper, the Shinigami. It is turning the lands of Hokkaido into a twisted version of the spirit realms and bringing death to the local towns, ravaged by strange demons.

    The Ronin

    Three samurai whose master was framed for disgrace in the high court and ordered to kill himself, are now alone. Instead of accepting the same fate, the samurai swore an oath of vengeance and became RONIN.

    Creatures of Darkness

    The Shinigami has brought creatures from the underworld. Oni, the ogre-like foot soldiers. Heikegani who have developed a taste for flesh. Tree-height stalkers, soul-stealers, and more have overrun the lands. People are dying, food stocks are low, money is scarce. The villagers cried out for heroes. No one heard them…except the shamed Ronin.

    Samurai Redemption

    YOU are the Ronin. Those who were once shamed for rejecting death are now the people’s only hope for staying alive. There are many ways to redemption. There is only one way out of hell. The Way of the Ronin

    Game Play

    Way of the Ronin is a third-person action/combat RPG where the player utilizes the skills of three ronin to fight monsters, solve mysteries and collect mystical Ki to unlock magical powers in the ultimate showdown against the darkness.

    Advance through increasingly dangerous mystical levels and fight your way into the mountain stronghold to confront the Shinigami, the Angel of Death… but how does one defeat death?

    • Develop your own dynamic combat system. Experience an immersive, story-driven action/combat adventure.
    • To advance, fight for and use “Ki Powers”- special, often magical, skills.
    • Battle a multitude of horrifying creatures and kill them in unique ways
    • Advance to the Shinigami’s fortress and defeat it…but how does one defeat death?
    • Do all that above…or just hit K to kill yourself. (There are many paths to redemption)
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