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    Ozysoft teases Project Buramato

    Ozysoft teased a working title announcement Project Buramato, a Zelda-like action-adventure in high fantasy settings inspired by traditional Bornean folktales. Check out the teaser below:

    Inspired by many Bornean Folktales. (Based on official website)

    Project BuraMato is heavily Inspired by the tales from Dayak Paser (one of the tribes in Borneo). although the world and the universe of Buramato itself is a mix of many Borneo folk and myth. from the North to South, East to West of Borneo. We gain references as much as possible to craft the magical world of BuraMato.

    It’s still too early to talk about the exact release date and the console version.

    Following the reveal of the project, we said that this game is targeted to be multiplatform without a solid confirmation due to the development phase.

    Features as shown on the official Youtube

    • 3D Action-shooter platformer video games in high fantasy settings of traditional Bornean folktales.
    • Play the game in fast-paced Third-person action.
    • Minimalistic storytelling focused on Atmosphere.
    • Fight mystical creatures on a magic-focused shooter gameplay.
    • Explore the land of the old lords in beautiful semi-open world environments.
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