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    HO, HO, H-OVERCOOKED! 2 available now to warm up your Christmas with free Winter Wonderland update

    As the holiday season comes near, developers Team17 and Ghost Town Games are giving free presents in the form of a new update for Overcooked! 2 called the Winter Wonderland update. Winter Wonderland celebrates the game’s 2019 downloadable content packs, with levels from Campfire Cook-Off, Night of the Hangry Horde, and Carnival of Chaos. Make your days merry and bright with seasonal recipes, new chefs, and new enemies for Horde mode!


    Key Jolly Features

    • Spread the joy with five seasonally dressed kitchens give a taste of 2019’s DLC packs (one from Campfire Cook-Off, two from Night of the Hangry Horde and two from the recently released Carnival of Chaos.)
    • Two new chefs: By popular demand, Reindeer Chef makes their Overcooked! 2 debuts, along with the joyful (and triumphant) Present Head Chef.
    • Horde mode: Now includes new festive enemies!
    • Four seasonal recipes: Hot chocolate, mince pies, Christmas puddings, and roast dinners

    Overcooked! 2 Season Pass
    For those looking for even more culinary calamities over Christmas, The Overcooked! 2 season pass will satisfy the hungriest of customers, featuring ‘Carnival of Chaos’, ‘Campfire Cook-Off’, and ‘Night of the Hangry Horde’, each serving up more meals, mechanics, and mayhem. The Overcooked! 2 season pass is now available digitally on all platforms priced at £14.99/€18.99/$18.99/ 78.68MYR.

    This update and Overcooked! 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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