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    Home News Oninaki reincarnates a Launch Trailer before August 22 release

    Oninaki reincarnates a Launch Trailer before August 22 release


    A tale about the afterlife, Oninaki, from developer Tokyo RPG Factory and publisher Square Enix shows their next trailer portraying mounting fights, new co-op attacks with your Daemons, new story additions and new characters.

    Journey into a world of the afterlife

    From the makers of two critically-acclaimed games, I Am Setsuna and LOST SPHEAR, comes a story of despair, hope, reincarnation and love. Play as one watcher by the name of Kagachi, tasked to guide the wandering souls known as the Lost, and serve as keepers of the Living World and the Beyond.

    Key watcher features

    • Enjoy a well-paced gameplay with real time combat, pacing depending on the Daemons you choose in battle
    • Use Daemons to your advantage as you strategize to switch Daemons to suit certain enemy traits. Different Daemons will change Kagachi’s playstyle from weapons and abilities
    • As you fight further, Daemons comes with their own story line as you further level them up, each with their own lost memories cut scenes and motivations
    • Bind your hero, Kagachi to level up different Daemons in order to enhance better skills and abilities for the upcoming battles ahead
    • Enter the living world and beyond with vivid yet carefully drawn out graphics
    • Players will be thrust into an eventful story with emotional cutscenes, events and intimate conversations.

    Here are a few Daemons portrayed with their respective trailers:

    Daemon character Treize
    (voiced by Shizuma Hodoshima), with his thirst for knowledge, lashing chain attacks and commences attacks in whole chains like magic. He will definitely leave enemies without a Treize.

    Daemon Izana
    (voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi), is all about composure in any situations given. She stood her ground while observes the words and emotions of the living in great interest while smiling twistedly. She is able to dodge blink in enemies blindspots and swings a scythe that cuts through foes with great power.

    Daemon Lucica
    who is devoted to fate uses nothing more than her fist to do the talking in brawling based fight style that is fast in staggering foes. Be like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Lucica specializes in implementing barriers and at the same time blocking enemies attacks while dealing outrageous damages.

    Daemon Gavod
    while keenly aware of others actions and emotions, was never caught off guard. He still holds distant memories of loved ones and filled with despair. Wielder of shield cannons, while slow he can promptly shield charge at his enemies and charges his cannon for a devastating cannon blast.

    Kagachi’s Daemon by the name of Aisha has been with him from the starting of the game as a Watcher. She is caring and passionate while holding dear to her memories of fleeting happiness and longing for love. She is able to dash around combat and wields a one handed sword to make quick works on the enemies at the same time. Making her a well-balanced warrior.


    Oninaki will be guiding lost souls soon for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam, on August 22, 2019. Demos are currently available for both consoles and PC.

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