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    Sexy stylish Hack and Slash, Onechanbara Origin with 12 minutes TGS 2019 gameplay

    Hailing back from the PlayStation 2 era back in 2004, Onechanbara makes its return as in HD with remakes for both The Onechanbara and The Onechanbara 2. Onechanbara Origin was presented by D3 Publisher and developer Tamsoftat the Famitsu x Dengeki live stream at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Featuring new story elements of both half-sisters of Aya and Saki.

    Video game-play provided courtesy of Video 2 Ced.

    Onechanbara Origin will be slashing it’s way to a Japanese release this coming December 5, 2019, for PlayStation 4. Below video comes with a soundtrack for the official theme song called “Aihaki Minomono”:

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