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    Old school side-scroller beat’em up, Fight’N Rage set for PS4 launch this December 3

    Previously launched for PC, Xbox One and Switch, now developer Seba Games Dev set their sights for the Playstation 4 release of Fight’N Rage on December 3, 2019, priced at $19.90 / €19.90/ 83.08 MYR. Video trailer below is by courtesy of BlitWorks.



    Storyline and Features

    Mutants taking control of earth in the new future after a worldwide catastrophic event known as “the big pulse” where a devastating global scale electromagnetic pulse that ends all electronic technology on the planet. Humans were then forced to be slaves to mutants led by “The Boss” in a world ruled by “the law of the jungle”.

    But hope is not lost as two humans and a mutant rebel is gonna put up a good fight against this madness. Will they be strong enough? Well… that’s up to you!

    Key Fight Features

    • The game branches out Alternative paths, cutscenes, and endings that can change based on the selected characters and your own decisions!
    • Filled with Fast and intense single-session gameplay.
    • Each character is packed with multiple skilful juggle-based combos that will make your enemies cry or blow up into pieces.
    • Not to fear though as the game is simplified controls with only three buttons of attack, jump and special attack. Combining together to perform lots of movement and amazing combos which makes it easy to play, hard to master.
    • Play it solo or with local co-op with up to three players and an optional friendly fire.
    • Custom Display Modes: Display settings includes optional CRT feels, scanlines and various colour styles and more!
    • Multiple unlockables to earn in in-game coins with your scores and get extra content like character’s costumes, extra difficulty settings, more gameplay speeds, new game modes, new characters to use on these modes and much more!
    • Play as Enemies: More than 20 unlockable characters to play in the extra modes!
    • Training Mode is available for practice.
    • Different Weapons: Each protagonist handles them in their own way.
    • Test your skills with a speedrun timer, an exclusive in-game gadget compares current stage times against your best ones!
    • The cutscenes are fully skippable or fast forward.
    • Fair Score Rules: There’s no easy way to increment your score while playing… the score is directly related to your skills.
    • VS Mode is available to play one vs one is it a player or a CPU or both CPU.
    • Learn more about the parry system to turn the tables in bad situations.
    • Real Challenges: It is all about how good you are at the game, not about an “exp” system or other RPG elements that reward your patience. The full moveset of every character is available from the start, so, you do not have to worry about levelling-up anything except your own skills as a player!
    • Test your skills with the optional added insane difficulties.
    • Extremely Polished Gameplay: The playability is focused on fully responsive controls and intuitive commands. The characters can cancel normal attacks into special attacks, release themselves from enemy grabs and perform several chain movements. You will feel the power of controlling a character that perfectly responds to your actions!

    Bring in the fight for humanity, coming to you this December 3, 2019 for Playstation 4.

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