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    Okinawa Rush Will Be Rushing A Release This October 29th

    Developed by Sokaikan, Okinawa Rush presents the player as a martial arts master facing the enemy clan, the Black Mantis clan in retro beat ’em up style. Alone or with a friend, you will have to eliminate all the hordes of ninjas, warriors, or demons preventing you from reaching the final confrontation. Okinawa Rush will be coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam this October 29th, 2021.

    Source: No Gravity Games

    With multiple endings for every avatar, this quest offers fluid gameplay with fast and fluid fights. Add these scrolls of combos and an intuitive parry system! You’ll also find RPG attributes with a levelling principle on the characteristics of your characters and objects that can also be improved.

    Game Features
    • Tailor-made combat engine.
    • Unique movements for each character.
    • Fight with swords, nunchakus, and katanas.
    • A captivating story told with pixel art scenes.
    • Many different enemies, each with their own moves and weapons.
    • Prepare for all attacks, projectiles, and traps!
    • Online high score table.
    • Secret zones and mysteries to discover.
    • Cooperative mode, with the possibility to heal each other!
    • Arcade mode to get immediately into the heart of the action.
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