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    Nightingale Reveals New Gameplay at The Game Awards

    Inflexion Games shared the latest look at its upcoming shared-world survival-crafting game, Nightingale, at The Game Awards. Presented in partnership with Intel, the latest trailer takes players inside the Realmwalker’s Journey, showcasing what drives players to survive the Realms, evolve their skills, and overcome the many perilous challenges of the Faewilds to rebuild the remnants of humanity. Nightingale is currently in development for Early Access PC release in 2023.

    Nightingale is currently in Closed Alpha testing with the community. For more information on how to sign-up for Closed Alpha, players can visit website.

    Some of the new features detailed in the trailer include:
    • Caves: Lying in the subterranean depths of the Realms, exploring these caves leads to a host of discoveries, and danger.
    • Gliding: Use your umbrella and glide across the skies of the Fae Realms, allowing players to travel quickly, search with a bird’s-eye view, and avoid or, in more dire circumstances, outrun the dangers lurking in the Realms.
    • New creatures: Some of the deadly creatures that you’ll face include Giants, Elder Eoten, and fire-spitting Bound – each presenting a daunting challenge to any Realmwalkers who cross their path.
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