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    Niffelheim is coming for current gen consoles

    Developer Ellada Games brings you back to Valhalla with their 2D action RPG Niffelheim, previously released for PC on September 2018 now coming to current gen consoles.



    Prove yourself to the gods

    You are a brave warrior who has fallen on the battlefield but somehow ends up in the harsh cold world of Niffelheim instead in order to prove yourself worthy back into Valahalla. Stock up and armour up before setting foot into the harsh conditions of Niffelheim.

    Key Features:

    • Use any teeth, bones and furs as means for crafting weapons and armor. Build fortress as well to fend off attackers.
    • Brew potions, poison and cook to gain an advantage in any situations

    The warrior will be heading into PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this coming Spring 2018.

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