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    New Deceit 2 Trailer Debuts At Streamer Awards Showing First Snippets Of Gameplay

    The Deceit 2 game master is showing players a bit more of what they can expect with an all-new teaser trailer debuting at this year’s Streamer Awards. Developer World Makers debuted a new trailer for the anticipated sequel showcasing the first snippets of gameplay from the upcoming PC, Xbox, and PlayStation games.

    The teaser also features a first look at some of the items at the Survivors’ disposal for sussing out who the Infected are and the overhauled shooting mechanics for when it’s time to “vote” these suspected Infected players out. Deceit 2 places a greater emphasis on social deduction strategy that will leave you asking “Who can you trust?”

    Deceit 2 features overhauled gameplay and visuals thanks to Unreal Engine 5. Both characters and monstrosities feature high-fidelity textures and maps are appropriately foreboding with a new lighting engine that will make players fear the dark.

    Deceit 2 Features

    • DECEIVE AND MANIPULATE: Infected players can activate Blood Altars located across the map, weakening the veil of reality until it breaks. This transports all players to The In-Between, a parallel dimension in which the Infected have terrifying powers. Infected players will wreak havoc and sabotage the efforts of innocent players, but can be eliminated if exposed outside of the In-Between.
    • HUNT AND KILL: Once the Infected players summon the In-Between, you’ll need to continue making progress towards escaping whilst evading the empowered Infected. Your mind will be warped as they chase you down amongst the horrors of the In-Between, and one player must die for the ritual to be satisfied. Who will be sacrificed?
    • DEDUCE AND ESCAPE: Innocent players have power in numbers. They can eliminate any suspected Infected player by damaging them to trigger a banishing ritual. Make sure you’re convinced of their guilt though, or you’ll be thinning out your own team. Complete tasks and collect souls for the mysterious Peddler, who’ll exchange useful items to aid in investigations, survive the dreadful In-Between, and eventually escape.
    • IMMERSIVE FREEDOM: Deceit 2 is designed as a social sandbox with unique and creative ways to play both roles. Social deception is at the core of this game—you’ll have to study other players’ behaviour and evaluate the situation before making any hasty decisions. There are plenty of tools to assist but with item and map variations between games, you’ll need to adapt strategies on the fly.

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