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    Narrative-driven game, Ghost on the Shore presents a second trailer

    Explore the emotional ties that transcend even death with Ghost on the Shore, a combination of heavy story and soothing scenery. Currently set to be released on Q3 2021 on PC as announced by indie developer like Charlie and publisher Application Systems Heidelberg.

    Check out sounds of atmospheric shores with some Twitter posts below:

    Ghost on the Shore is a story and relationship exploration game about emotional ties that transcend even death.

    The game´s story came to the team´s writer in her sleep. She dreamed she had died and could experience in great force her partner´s immense grief. Unable to reach out she could only be a witness to her partner eventually dealing with the loss and moving on. The dream left her feeling complicated emotions, that morphed into a seedling of a story.

    You play Riley, a young woman who finds herself stranded on a desolate island with a headstrong ghost, dead for as long as he can remember. Escaping her troubled past she welcomes the adventure and explores the crumbling homes of the gone islanders. As Josh and Riley get to know each other they form a special bond, the nature of which is determined by the player´s input. Making irrevocable choices in dialogue you uncover the dark secrets of the two and shape the eventual outcome of the game.

    As Riley puts it all together, she comes to understand how an island’s history led to Josh’s death.

    “First, we create characters of flesh and blood, who start having a life of their own. Through them, we get to tell our story, a story that leaves you feeling like you´ve been somewhere and known someone.”

    Dagmar Blommaert – Narrative Designer

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Exploration and Environmental Storytelling

    You explore the beautiful scenery of The Rogue Islands on foot. As you do, you talk to Josh about the history of the islands, his memories, his feelings, but also about Riley’s dreams and goals, and why she’s running from her old life. As a team, you and Josh discover the old islanders’ belongings and uncover the stories behind them. Which creates a specific sense of what life was like on these islands before people started leaving.

    Immersive Dialogue

    A unique feature that allows the player to make choices in a subtle immersive way. You don’t always know how your words will affect the other. Words are powerful tools. Just like in real life, things can become fun, exciting, or plain awkward.

    Irrevocable Choices

    Every dialogue option is shown only once, which makes your choices definite.

    Branching Narrative

    The relationship you choose to build with the ghost defines the narrative branch you get to explore. There are four branches with a different ending for each.

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