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    Mystery novel adventure, Root Film announced for Western release

    Any mystery novel fan will be delighted to know that Root Film, successor to developer Kadokawa Games Root Letter has been confirmed to be coming to North America and Europe by publisher PQube. The game was already confirmed earlier for PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan coming in Spring 2020. Check out the thrilling trailer below:


    The game takes place in Shimane prefecture, pulling in a new mystery thrilling murder story of a TV series referred as “Shimane Mystery Drama Project” that was unknowingly cancelled 10 years ago. The game focuses on 3 teams including the main character 23 year old Rintaro Yagumo wanting to reboot the project only to be disturbed by a horrible murder during their location scouting process. Join him and his crew as they dive deeper of this mystery and hopefully solve the murder.

    Key immersive features:

    • The Intuition mechanic allows players to acquire keywords during conversations. This will be helpful once activated to be used for investigations to unroot contradicting statements and confrontations.
    • After collecting a number of keywords, confronting characters will enable Mac Mode whereby it acts like a face-off fighting game that allows players to choose correct conversation options via a selection screen.
    • The new Zapping system is referred to as a puzzle solving mechanic, revealing the perspective of 2 characters at the same time, which will be an essential tool to find out the very truth about the “Shimane Mystery Drama Project”.

    Currently there is no confirmation of the exact Western release date yet. Stay tuned for when that information is released.

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