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    Monkey King: Hero is Back releases DLC ‘Episode 1: Uproar in Heaven’ while ‘Episode 2: Mind Palace’ launches December 17

    Priced each at $9.99 or coming with the $29.99 Season Pass, new episodic DLC’s for the released MONKEY KING: HERO IS BACK has been confirmed by developer HEXADRIVE Inc. in collaboration with publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, Oasis Games and THQ Nordic.


    Now that’s what I am talking about

    Finally, adding more backstory to the game and even more platforming now based on the trailer, the DLC takes place 500 years before the main game, play through the dramatic opening events of Monkey King: Hero is Back as Sun Wukong and the Eastern Gods wage a ferocious battle in the heavens in cinematic action game form!. Facing gods all by himself to ensure his freedom and dignity in a series of fights filled with flashy action and exciting choreography!

    Monkey King: Hero is Back has been released for PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out what we had to say about it here!

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