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    Closed Beta Test Impressions for World of Dragon Nest


    We were given the opportunity to join the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for World of Dragon Nest despite the registration quota finishing within a short period of time, courtesy of Nexon. With that, I have decided to share just a few of my own impressions as much as I managed to experience during the CBT.

    Stunning Graphics

    Mobile games usually have mediocre graphics to get more players in without having a dependency on a powerful phone, but World of Dragon Nest has managed to push the graphics for mobile games to a new high. By changing the graphic settings to the highest, the visuals of the environment, skills effects are definitely some eye candy.

    Simple Yet Comprehensive Control Scheme

    Yes, I know the title is very confusing and contradicting. What I want to express is that, in World of Dragon Nest, there is the feature of auto-battle whereby your character will auto-cast skills. But for players who wish to have a better result in combat, the player has the choice of casting spells manually, and there’s a combo mechanism which can deal good damage to enemies, making it convenient for quest grinding, and efficient way to fight bosses.

    Story That Doesn’t Feels Boring

    At times, a lot of the story in an MMORPG feels either irrelevant or plain boring because that is not the focus of the game. In World of Dragon Nest, the story is engaging and a lot of quests end with a cliffhanger, making me eager to continue and find out how the story evolves.

    A CBT That Gives a Full Experience

    In the World of Dragon Nest CBT, Nexon was kind enough to give a very generous amount of gold, skill points, and diamond (micro-transaction currency) to the players. This action allows players to reach further in the game to understand and feel more about the game rather than just having a glimpse on the game. We get to buy a lot of fancy mounts, pets, and costume. At the same time, we get to mess around with the skill system with no worries of skill points.


    The overall experience in this CBT is definitely good, and I am looking forward to the next Beta test if there’s any. Below are some screenshots that we managed to capture during the CBT.

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